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Free quiz & exam companion app to help you pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification (February 2018 edition)

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Why get AWS certified?

  • 1
    Earn more money

    Your AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification will bring you an average salary of $117,773 (£90,235) in the US and worldwide $87,463 (£67,012) Source: Global Knowledge Report

  • 2
    An AWS Certification will make you more employable

    Most businesses do not have an effective way to test the competence of job applicants. Having the right certification will give you a step up over your peers.

  • 3
    Good for your employer, good for you

    Employers need a minimum number of AWS certified individuals to qualify for "Partner" status, which business use to promote their expertise in AWS. Its common for employers to pay for employee certification and offer a cash bounty for successful candidates.


How will this app help you pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam?

  • Our practice exam follows the exact format of the actual AWS certification exam to help get you fully prepared (No nasty surprises on exam day ☺)
  • Question style, format and composition mirrors the AWS certification. Multiple choice and single answer questions are included
  • The app enables you to identify weaker knowledge areas and test yourself to raise your overall score. You will need to acheive about 70% overall to pass
  • Practice around your schedule. Use that dead time on the train. 10 minute test mode and flash cards are included


Free Practice Exam

Practice exam to test your AWS certification readiness.

Topic Quizes

Flashcard quizes for AWS services and certification categories.


See how you are doing and areas of improvement

How to pass

Strategies and techniques to pass the Solutions Architect Associate certification.

Fast tests

10 minutes on the train? No problem. Use that time to level -up your AWS knowledge.

Save for later

No time to finish your test? Pick it up later


Available for Android from the play store. iOS Under development.

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